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Notification Demo to Boost Your Conversions

Never let a single visitor go to waste!

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) can help you win more customers and revenue.
That’s why everyone from small boutique store owners to the world’s largest retailers use FOMO marketing.
The good news is it’s easy for you to put these techniques into action.
We’ll dive into the best FOMO marketing examples, but first, let’s take a look at what FOMO marketing is and how it increases your conversions.

What is FOMO Marketing?

Did you know 98% of people leave your site without taking any action?
That’s a lot of opportunity slipping through your fingers.
FOMO, the fear of missing out, changes that and helps you increase engagement and conversions across your site.

What makes this tactic so special?

Like most proven marketing techniques, FOMO relies on primal human behavior. As humans, we want to be involved in rewarding experiences, and we don’t want to feel left out.

So, what does FOMO mean in marketing?

When applied to your business, FOMO helps your customers make a buying decision on your site.

Maybe a shopper is trying to decide whether or not a product is right for them. FOMO is a way to persuade those uncertain customers that it’s time to purchase.

With FOMO marketing, you’re pointing visitors in the right direction because you are highlighting the action you want them to take.

FOMO Marketing Examples

There are a few ways you can add FOMO marketing to your site:

» Live sales notifications
» Visible countdown timers
» Low stock level alerts
» Online store owners and publishers use these FOMO techniques to:
» Create anticipation about new products
» Promote limited time offers
» Build email lists
» They turn to FOMO because it works.

Check out these FOMO marketing statistics:
• 60% of customers said they made a purchase after experiencing FOMO
• 56% of people are afraid of missing out on events and status updates if they’re not online
• 33% of millennials have deliberately tried to create FOMO among their peers

There’s no denying FOMO can boost your conversions.
But, if you do it wrong, you risk alienating your site visitors.

In other words, your FOMO marketing efforts should be responsible and honest.

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